Rap Legends Are Smooth Operators On Jimmy Kimmel's Wee Problem In 'Dre's Anatomy'

Rap icons Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg and 50 Cent teamed up to do some healing in a spoof preview of “Dre’s Anatomy.” (You’ll wish the faux medical drama existed when you watch the video below.)

The funny bit was featured on Tuesday’s broadcast of Jimmy Kimmel’s late night show. The host was being examined for a very small problem, which made it a big problem for the rappers turned surgeons.

“This man has no penis,” Dre declared.

It took a magnifying glass, telescope and precision work by Dre to get to the root of the problem ― that essentially Kimmel had a piece of gum for his privates.

That was a lot to absorb for a talk show comedian who went in for a colonoscopy. But Snoop had anesthesia to calm him: plenty of weed smoke.

Although Kimmel flatlined, the doctors eventually found their groove to “Still D.R.E.” and Eminem stepped in with a fitting follow.

Check out the hip-hop hospital happenings here: