Raskin Sends Back Hilariously Edited Thank-You Note to George Santos

Jonathan Ernst/Reuters
Jonathan Ernst/Reuters

Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-MD) was unimpressed by Rep. George Santos’ (R-NY) typo-laden thank-you letter sent to all House members who voted against expelling him this week. In brutal fashion, Raskin corrected Santos’ spelling and grammatical errors by hand and sent the note back with the message, “It’s not shameful to resign.” Raskin received the thank-you note for voting “No” on House Resolution 773, citing in a Wednesday statement the “terrible precedent” an expulsion would set by neglecting “internal due process.” He also said that Santos had “not been criminally convicted yet of any of the offenses he has been indicted for.” Raskin said that although New York Republicans were trying to get rid of Santos because he is a “complete political albatross for them,” they had defended him earlier this year because they wanted his congressional vote on the House floor. “If Members are not going to be expelled for purely political reasons, we need to stick to due process and the rule of law,” he reasoned.

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