Ray Allen leans on coronavirus hair challenge to call for change at ballot box in November

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In April, Ray Allen vowed to let his receding hairline shine until “the Rona kicks rocks.

Well. It’s June. And the Rona hasn’t kicked rocks. Far from it, in fact.

And Allen has followed through on his promise. So far, at least.

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The two-time NBA champion and Hall of Famer provided an update of what he refers to as his “Jefferson” on Thursday. And he really is rocking an uncanny resemblance to the fictional 70’s/80’s TV icon played by Sherman Hemsley.

At least in the hairline department.

Allen’s emotional plea

While April’s Instagram post featured a smiling Allen making a lighthearted hair challenge, Thursday’s post was much more serious in tone. As was his expression.

Allen used his hair on Thursday to make another statement on the coronavirus pandemic while calling for change as America grapples with the aftermath of the George Floyd homicide.

He wrote about his fears of the last two months from the daily challenges of being a black man in America to the newfound stress of existing amid a pandemic.

And even though those challenges remain, Allen has decided to cut his hair in a symbolic gesture of shedding those stresses and refocusing on creating change — specifically at the ballot box in November.

Big change from April

For contrast, here’s Allen’s hairline and expression on April 7, more than two months ago when the pandemic was still a fresh threat in the United States and before George Floyd became a household name. Allen’s transition speaks for much of America.

Allen’s call to action arrives a day after LeBron James announced the formation of a voting rights group as athletes continue to use their platforms to enact change.

Like James, Allen is declining to stick to sports.

Ray Allen's transition from two months ago speaks for a lot of America. (Visual China Group via Getty Images)
Ray Allen's transition from two months ago speaks for a lot of America. (Visual China Group via Getty Images)

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