Reading skipper calls for salary cap

Reading captain Jobi McAnuff has backed calls for a wage cap to be introduced in an effort to curb Premier League excess.

Reading skipper calls for salary cap

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Jobi McAnuff (PA Photos)

Top players in England's elite division are now commanding salaries of up to £250,000 per week - astronomical figures for a sport that used to breed working-class heroes who stayed rooted to their communities.

Fans at clubs like Arsenal are asked to pay over £1,000 for a season ticket and the price of attending games has priced out a good portion of football's traditional supporter base, as well as making it unrealistic for many young fans to go to live matches.

Now McAnuff has said it is wrong that some of his fellow professionals are earning such exorbitant wages and the midfielder says restrictions should be in place to prevent players from swallowing up ever more of the money coming into the game.

“I can see why a Wayne Rooney should get a big bonus because of the amount of shirts he sells,” McAnuff told the Sunday Mirror.

“But if you’re talking about £200,000-a-week, that’s ridiculous. Who needs that amount of money? Surely, someone will say ‘that’s enough’.

“We’re on the verge of getting out of control and we’re starting to lose a bit of reality.

“The most popular question I get from kids is ‘what car do you drive?’ What happened to them wanting to know what it was like to make your debut?

“Football is getting too expensive for fans and fans make football. Tickets for our game at Chelsea were £50 each. I know lots of people who couldn’t afford that.”

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