“The Reboot Is Out There”: The Return Of ‘The X-Files’ Is In The Works With Gillian Anderson & David Duchovny

“I want to believe” has probably never meant more to “The X-Files” fans than it does now. After nine seasons, two hundred and two episodes, and two feature-length films, there has been much talk about another chapter in the adventures of Mulder and Scully. A third film had been mooted by creator/writer Chris Carter a while ago, but the decision was with Fox, and the studio didn’t seem to be in any particular rush to make that happen. But now it looks like the wheels are turning on a project that will see the supernatural investigators back in action.

Deadline reports that talks are underway for a new installment of “The X-Files.” It’s not quite clear what shape it’ll take, though the success of the limited series event “24: Live Another Day” has spurred Fox to get things going. But don’t get too excited just yet. This is all in early stages, and before anything happens, space needs to be found in the busy schedules of the two leads. That said, Carter has long said he’s had an idea for a new story, so we’d guess that if this got greenlit, the wheels could start turning very fast.

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Meanwhile, Fox is also toying with the idea of more “24,” though possibly without Jack Bauer, while there’s nothing brewing for the return of “Prison Break,” despite the chatter around the show.

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