Recent Discovery at White Hart Lane Shows Just How Much Effort EA Put Into FIFA's Detail

Ben Davies

​EA Sports have spent the last few years taking huge strides in the football gaming world with their very own FIFA, and a recent discovery of an 'Electric Room' in White Hart Lane shows just how far they're willing to go with their detail.

FIFA 17 boasts 70 stadiums in-game, with 50 of those having full licensing, which has made the game more realistic than ever. Including all 20 Premier League grounds, the added level of detail really does make a huge difference to your playing experience and players of the game are still discovering hidden features six months after FIFA's release.

Daily Trading Tips, a Youtuber who specialises in finding hidden secrets within the game, has stumbled upon a gem of detailing in White Hart Lane; where there is an 'Electric Room' by the edge of the tunnel, shown in the video below:

When playing at Tottenham's home ground, kick the ball directly down the tunnel in the centre of the pitch, pause the game and hit instant replay. You should be able to see a door and a couple of electric boxes that resemble what actually exists in the real life White Hart Lane.

This amount of effort just goes to show how much EA care about the looks of their game, and who knows what they'll go on to achieve in FIFA 18.


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