Red Bull open to passive DRS concept


Red Bull technical chief Adrian Newey is open to the Formula 1 champion team using a passive DRS-style device during the 2013 season, but admitted it was tough to make such a system effective.

Newey acknowledged that devices such as that used by Lotus had great potential, if their challenges could be conquered.

"It's for sure an interesting area," he said at the launch of the RB9.

"It's also very tricky to have a system that's reliable, that withstands following another car without being triggered at moments that would be embarrassing, and to make it a positive gain on balance over the weekend.

"None of those things are straightforward."

He would not be drawn on how far Red Bull had progressed with its own DRS addition.

"We have certainly investigated it," said Newey.

"I wouldn't like to give away what we may or may not do during the season.

"It's a very interesting area, and it's there to be explored.

"Deriving lap time benefit, or more importantly points benefit, out of it, is more difficult."

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