Red Bull reveals RB9 launch date


Red Bull will unveil its new RB9 at its Milton Keynes factory on February 3, shortly before the first test of 2013 in Jerez.

The Milton Keynes-based outfit has been pushing hard to gets its new car ready in time, and there had been speculation that the outfit would not make it to the opening test that begins in Spain on February 5.

However, the team wrote on Twitter on Thursday that its new car was ready to run at Jerez, and would be unveiled to the public at its factory.

The team said: "The RB9 will be unveiled on Sunday 3 February in Milton Keynes ahead of the first test in Jerez. More details to follow."

Red Bull technical chief Adrian Newey told AUTOSPORT earlier this year that the team's work on the RB9 had been compromised by the intensity of last year's title battle.

"We were introducing developments to the [RB8] car right up to the penultimate race [of 2012]," he said.

"That has made it difficult to introduce all of those and simultaneously develop the next car."

He added: "If I'm honest, this has compromised the timescales of the new car more than we would have liked.

"It was the right trade at the time, because we managed to get the job done but it means a busy winter trying to catch up again."

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