Redknapp jury resumes deliberations


After almost four hours of deliberations the members of the jury were called back into Court One at around 4.15pm on Tuesday and told by Judge Anthony Leonard that they would be able to leave for the night.

The jury was sent out again for further deliberations at 10am on Wednesday morning.

Judge Leonard concluded his summing-up before lunch on Tuesday and requested a unanimous verdict at Southwark Crown Court.

In his summing-up, the judge said: "Football is an emotive subject, stirring in an individual anything from deep passion to resentment.

"This case is not about football but about allegations of tax fraud."

The Crown alleges that deposits of £189,000 into a Monaco bank account were bonuses and related to business conducted at Portsmouth.

Redknapp and Mandaric both deny two counts of cheating the public revenue.

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