Reese Witherspoon Fangirls Over Goldie Hawn

Yesterday, Goldie Hawn received her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Goldie’s No. 1 fan, Reese Witherspoon, spoke at the event, and tried to hold back tears as she praised her idol. She said, “I am literally her biggest fan. … If you don’t believe me, my very first email address was”

Apparently the way Goldie asked Reese to speak at the event was via text. Reese said, “Goldie actually texted me about a month ago and asked me to be here. Huge honor.  … I hope it’s not weird that I printed out a text, and I framed it and put it on my wall.”

Reese continued talking about how Goldie “changed the possibilities of what women could do in film.” She said, “Thank you for inspiring women and actresses to control their own destiny. And for inspiring women to demand respect no matter where they are or what they’re doing.”

Reese even admitted that Goldie inspired one of her fans’ most beloved movies: Legally Blonde. She said that she “accepted the role of Elle Woods all because of Goldie.”

In other entertainment news, Beyoncé did not get lip injections:

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