Reese Witherspoon's Son Deacon Slammed As 'Nepo Baby' After NYC Apartment Tour

Deacon Phillippe inadvertently waded into the so-called “nepo baby” debate this week when he showed off his New York apartment on social media.

The New York University student, whose parents are actors Ryan Phillippe and Reese Witherspoon, invited TikTok personality Caleb Simpson over to his abode in a clip posted Tuesday.

Anyone expecting a cramped college dormitory was, of course, in for a surprise. The home boasts cathedral ceilings and a spiral staircase, as well as a brick wall displaying vintage vinyl. A glance at the apartment’s kitchen included a peek inside a well-stocked refrigerator.

And Phillippe ― an aspiring musician who released his debut album, “A New Earth,” in April ― can hone his craft from the comfort of his own bedroom, where he’s set up an at-home recording studio.

When Simpson asks how much he pays for rent, Phillippe shrugs.

“West Village prices, man,” he says.

Response to the video was decidedly mixed, with many accusing Phillippe of benefiting from his parents’ wealth ― according to Forbes, Witherspoon alone has a net worth of about $440 million ― when it came to his living arrangements.

“How much do you pay? The correct answer is: ask my mom and dad,” one person wrote.

“Let’s not forget that his mom and dad are wealthy celebrities. He could afford the whole place if he wanted to,” added another.

Deacon Phillippe (left) and Ryan Phillippe in 2022.
Deacon Phillippe (left) and Ryan Phillippe in 2022.

Deacon Phillippe (left) and Ryan Phillippe in 2022.

The term “nepotism babies,” often abbreviated as “nepo babies,” refers to children of actors, singers and other public figures whose professional success, typically in the realm of show business, can be broadly attributed to having famous parents.

A New York Magazine cover story published last December included “An All But Definitive Guide to the Hollywood Nepo-Verse,” and has drawn mixed responses from a host of celebrity progeny, including Kate Hudson and Ben Platt.

Despite the snark Simpson’s video received, others pointed out that Phillippe shares the apartment with roommates and, arguably, could be living in even swankier digs if he wanted to.

“People act like if they had that money they wouldn’t also be setting their children up,” one person wrote. “Perspective changes when living within your means changes.”