Rep. Jamaal Bowman Says He's Staying 'Far Away' From Marjorie Taylor Greene

Rep. Jamaal Bowman (D-N.Y.) says he plans to “stay as far away ... as possible” from Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene after the Georgia Republican accused him of being “aggressive” and making her feel “threatened by him” during a spat outside the U.S. Capitol.

Following Greene’s remarks ― which Bowman, who is Black, and his allies slammed as racist ― the congressman told New York Magazine he’s keeping his distance from her, even though he believes conversations across the aisle are generally good for democracy.

“I like talking to people, I like debating people. I like learning from people. And I think it’s through the process of dialogue and debate, in learning, that we build a better country and better world,” he said.

Footage of Bowman and Greene last Wednesday showed them getting into a heated conversation outside the Capitol about a number of policy issues, from border security to gun control. Though they both raised their voices at times, Greene went on to tell reporters Bowman was “yelling, shouting, raising his voice ... his physical mannerisms are aggressive. ... I feel threatened by him.”

She also accused Bowman of leading “a mob” to the courthouse last month where she was protesting Donald Trump’s indictment and swarming outside her car ― something The Washington Post and others on the ground that day have said is a serious mischaracterization.

In one of her more jaw-dropping comments on Bowman, Greene insisted that his calling her a white supremacist was “equal” to “calling a person of color the N-word.”

Bowman responded by saying that Greene’s description of her interaction with him was “reckless and dangerous.”

“Unfortunately, this country has a history of characterizing Black men who are outspoken, who stand their ground and who push back as being threatening or intimidating,” he told reporters the day after his argument with Greene.

“So she’s not even using a dog whistle, she’s using a bullhorn to put a target on my back to the people she refers to as MAGA people out there who might want to cause harm,” he continued.