Report Reveals Sergio Ramos' Reason for Giving Clasico Referee a Signed Shirt BEFORE the Match

Kavan Flavius

​Real Madrid defender Sergio Ramos raised suspicions after handing a shirt along with a personalised message to the referee before last weekend's dramatic El Clasico match against Barcelona.

Certainly, the first thought which would come to mind in such a case is one trying to buy a referee. That wasn't the case however, and Ramos' sending off after getting one in on Lionel Messi did a bit to prove that.

Real Madrid CF v FC Barcelona - La Liga
Real Madrid CF v FC Barcelona - La Liga

The defender was shown a straight red for his lunge on the Argentinian striker, who ultimately won the match for Barca at the death with a sublime finish. Yet Ramos' apparent gift to the referee, Hernandez Hernandez, almost stole the headlines.

Real Madrid
Real Madrid

Image: ​Marca

As it turns out, the shirt wasn't even meant for the official himself. According to  La Vanguardia , it was actually for  the owner of the Hotel Sans Beach hotel in Lanzarote,  Juan Carlos Albuixech .

Ramos knew that the referee was from the island, and took advantage of the situation. Hernandez was simply playing messenger.

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