Resolution to be brought for bouldering wall

Jan. 25—BATESVILLE — Batesville's City Council has unanimously agreed to move forward with a public hearing regarding a resolution to use coronavirus funds to complete the final phase of Skatepark and Outdoor Adventure, a bouldering wall for amateur and experienced climbers along with a shelter area.

The skatepark, located on Pohlman Street, has benefited from both federal American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funds and some funding from Batesville's Parks Department to date for the first two phases of the park: the skatepark and the pump track. $175,000 in ARPA funds were provided for the skatepark along with approximately $50,000 from the parks department fund through the City of Batesville because it is considered a public park, according to clerk-treasurer Paul Gates. The pump track received an additional $150,00 in ARPA funds.

Gates said the remaining ARPA funds (approximately $690,000) must be spent or earmarked for a project by the end of this year.

A bouldering wall is a structure built to allow a type of rock climbing called bouldering, which is basically the raw essentials of rock climbing.

So far, skatepark advocates have secured $41,000 in funding for the final phase of this project between the Rising Sun Regional Foundation, a Greener Tomorrow Grant and the John A. Hillenbrand Foundation. The total project estimate is $190,385 so the group is asking council to consider approving the remaining project cost of $149,385.

Initially set to be a two-phase project with the first being the skatepark and the second being the pump track, bouldering wall and shelter, the second phase was split into a second and third phase. The bouldering wall and shelter will complete the entire park.

Councilpersons Darrick Cox and Beth Enneking spoke in favor of approving funding for the bouldering wall.

"I think it's a valuable project," Cox said. "And I think it'll put the ribbon on an amazing facility for the City of Batesville to have. So, I'm in full support."

Gates said since the ARPA funds are considered an additional appropriation, the discussion must be held at a publicly announced public meeting and a decision can be made at that meeting. The council unanimously agreed to continue the discussion at next month's meeting which is scheduled for 6:30 p.m. Feb. 12 at the Memorial Building in Batesville.

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