Restoration Of A Centuries-Old Oil Painting Will Blow Your Mind


Centuries-old varnish disappears from an oil painting in a matter of minutes in two videos of a restoration that are going viral.

British art dealer and historian Philip Mould shared astonishing footage of the partial transformation of a 17th-century piece to Twitter on Monday. 

In the clips, the person restoring the painting uses a swab to remove the thick layer of varnish that had been applied to protect the Jacobean-era painting of an unidentified 36-year-old woman in red.

Slowly but surely, the vivid colors of the 1618 work by an artist, also unidentified, begin to shine through.

“Still a way to go, but what a transformation,” wrote Mould.

For comparison, Mould also shared this snap of the painting in its original state:

He promised to post an image of the completed piece “as soon as it is ready.” We’ll update this story when that happens.


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  • This article originally appeared on HuffPost.

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