REVEALED: What Really Happens When N'Golo Kante Is Literally Everywhere on FIFA 17

Danny Ryan

So, we've all heard the never-ending cliches concerning Chelsea midfielder N'Golo Kante. The intercepting machine is said to be everywhere on a football pitch, covering every blade of grass and having energy levels that surely surpass any other human in history.

The Frenchman is set to lift his second consecutive Premier League title this season with Chelsea after winning it with Leicester last season and is one of the favourites to be crowned PFA Player of the Year.

However, what would a team really be like with Kante everywhere? Well, YouTubers Chris Leigh and BMOnus managed to put the theory to test by comprising a whole team of Kante's and playing with them in career mode.

The result was not as pretty as expected. Despite his midfield prowess, the Frenchman was not a viable option to be spread all across the pitch. In fact, he was a resounding failure.

A 4-0 loss to Bournemouth and a 1-1 draw with Southampton represented a poor start for the army of Kante's but things only got worse.

Manchester United and City dished out 4-1 and 3-0 hammerings to compound the 11 Frenchmen to more misery. Finally, the experiment ground to a depressing halt with Watford dispatching the Kante's 4-0 as the group of identical players looked out of virtual ideas.


So, perhaps the Chelsea man should just stick to what he does best. If it makes him feel any better, the experiment regarding a full team of Paul Pogba's fared no better, suffering defeats to all opponents bar Watford.

Lesson learned cloning machines are not acceptable in the footballing world.

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