REVEALED: Recently Relegated Teams Still Receiving Premier League Parachute Payments

Lekan Shode

The 2016/17 season will see the Premier League's massive £5bn TV deal kick in and a whole host clubs are set to benefit from it.

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Some may question the Premier League's quality despite some assertions of it being the best league in the world, but what cannot be disputed is just how rich and competitive it is.

And while some players and fans may struggle to come to terms with relegation (not Joleon Lescott!), relegated clubs are seemingly in safe hands financially as it has been revealed the most lucrative league in the world still paid a total of £172m in the 2015/16 season to recently relegated clubs.

As we can see, ten recently relegated teams are still being handsomely rewarded despite their non-Premier League status.

Blackburn Rovers were relegated in May 2012 after a disastrous season which was epitomised by the toxic relationship between Steve Kean and the fans, but four years on they are still receiving more than £10m from the Premier League.

Burnley, who have regained their Premier League status following promotion from the Championship, received a massive £25m from the Premier League last season when equal share and overseas TV payments were totalled.

Charlton Athletic v Burnley - Sky Bet Championship
Charlton Athletic v Burnley - Sky Bet Championship

They were relegated just last year along with Hull and QPR, who have both received similar payments, with all three unsurprisingly receiving more due to their Premier League status only expiring last season.


The likes of Reading and former FA Cup winners Wigan have been out of the Premier League since 2013 but receive over £10m in total payments.

With the Premier League set to rake even more revenue next season, the unfortunate clubs who are relegated next season will be able to crack a small smile in their tears with the knowledge of these huge payments coming in year after year.

Reading v Queens Park Rangers - Premier League
Reading v Queens Park Rangers - Premier League

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