Rhys Jones is braced for the biggest week of his career

Jones (right) and his guide Rhys James will compete at the Commonwealth Games and the Volvo 2022 World Triathlon Para Series Swansea in the space of a week (Image credit: British Triathlon / Phil Rees Photography) (Phil Rees)

Rhys Jones believes he is perfectly prepared for two of the ‘biggest races’ of his life after clinching a brilliant silver at the British Paratriathlon Championships.

The Welsh star, 43, delivered a dazzling display at Eton Dorney and now turns his attention to this summer’s Commonwealth Games and Volvo 2022 World Triathlon Para Series Swansea – events which take place just a week apart and with the latter on home soil.

And though those two momentous, and potentially daunting, occasions are fast approaching, Jones is relishing the challenge that lies ahead and cannot wait to put his training into practice.

“I’m really pleased, it was a really good race,” he said.

“The timing of it was quite good, it’s always good to get a few races like that just to iron out anything that comes up, anything you need to work on and any surprises that come up.

“There were a few yesterday, we had a few issues in transition but that was good, better to do it in that kind of race rather than on the big day.

“You train, work and focus on things and your goals and then you get two of the biggest races of your life within a week of each other. There’s pros and cons to that but I quite like it.

“We’ve had a long build-up and then bounce from one to the other and family and friends can come and watch both, which is another bonus.”

The race in Swansea on 6 August will be particularly special for Jones.

He is due to make history as Wales’ first ever paratriathlete at a Commonwealth Games at the end of July, and will return home to compete in the first ever standalone World Triathlon Para Series in the UK a week later.

And he beamed: “I was over the moon to be nominated to get on the start list for my first World Series event and to make it even more special it’s in Wales as well, so really excited about that.

“It’s a stacked field as well, it shows you how people across the world with a high standard across all the categories are prioritising this race so I think it will be a really good day out.”

Another Rhys sure to play a big role in Jones’ success this summer is his guide, Rhys James.

And Jones says that despite the sizable age difference between the two – 22 years – they’ve developed a warm and effective relationship.

“We often joke that Rhys could be my son,” said Jones.

“He’s 21 I think, and we’ve been asked quite a few times [if they are father and son]. We get on really well.

“When it comes to the run, I always joke that Rhys is like Mr. Motivator. He’s pacing you but he’s also giving you some real motivation and does get that extra per cent out of you at the end when you’re hurting.”

Volvo 2022 World Triathlon Para Series Swansea is Britain’s first standalone race of this level, bringing the world’s best paratriathletes to race. The event day will also host British Triathlon Para Super Series racing for developing paratriathletes. Find out more by visiting https://www.britishtriathlon.org/events/major-events/world-triathlon-para-series-swansea.