Ricciardo: Renault can't afford to repeat mistakes made in Monaco

Adam Cooper
Ricciardo: Renault can't afford mistakes like Monaco
Ricciardo: Renault can't afford mistakes like Monaco

Daniel Ricciardo says the Renault Formula 1 team "can't make these mistakes" after a poor strategy call meant he tumbled down the order at the 2019 Monaco Grand Prix.

Ricciardo was left frustrated after he pitted under the early safety car, while several of his main rivals ultimately benefited by staying out and completing long first stints.

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From sixth on the grid, Ricciardo had passed Kevin Magnussen at the start to claim an early fifth, but the positions he lost after his stop meant he finished 10th on the road, before gaining a spot when Romain Grosjean was penalised.

Ricciardo ended up in a group of cars that were held up by Lando Norris, which allowed the McLaren driver's team-mate Carlos Sainz to open a big enough gap to pit without losing sixth position.

"We just fell into cars that we didn't need to fall behind," said Ricciardo. "It was frustrating.

"I'll sort it out with the team. We want to do better and we can do better, and we need to start doing better.

"Obviously Lando was going to hold us up, because Carlos was opening up a window.

"These are things which, [even though] I'm driving the car and with everything else going on, I see it so clearly. How can the others not see it? We can't make these mistakes.

"Around [Monaco] track position is key, and we had it.

"All morning we talked about jumping Kevin at the start, and we did it, and the team got me going on the first lap. We were excited, but we just handed it all back.

"I saw Kevin after the race, and he was filthy as well. We both got hard done by. Look, I can't whine, I've got to be constructive about it, and just know what we can do better."

Ricciardo: Renault can't afford mistakes like Monaco
Ricciardo: Renault can't afford mistakes like Monaco

Ricciardo's team-mate Nico Hulkenberg ran in 11th at the end of the first lap, but he also lost out when he had to stop just before the safety car came out after picking up a puncture in a clash with Ferrari's Charles Leclerc.

Hulkenberg later lost more time as he was one of the drivers delayed at the Rascasse corner (above) when Antonio Giovinazzi spun around Robert Kubica's Williams.

"It went wrong where it could, basically," Hulkenberg told Autosport.

"[It was] quite frustrating because I feel, from a car pace point of view, we should be much more well ahead [and it's] frustrating not to get it done if the car can do it.

"I think the racing circumstances prevented that and we need to find new, fresh traction for Canada."

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