Rice Paper And Fruit Make A Refreshing 2-Ingredient Snack

fruit wrapped in rice paper
fruit wrapped in rice paper - Static Media/Shutterstock

It doesn't take much effort to put together a cool, refreshing snack that can pick up even the dullest of afternoons. Wrapping your favorite fruits in sheets of rice paper can not only make for an aesthetically pleasing treat but also a delicious dish to bite into. When paired with yogurt-based dips, caramel sauces, homemade honey whipped cream, or drizzles of chocolate, you can make this easy-breezy recipe as sweet as you'd like.

While you can quickly wrap up cut-up pieces of fruit, you can also go the extra mile to make these bites as pretty as possible. The translucent rice paper offers a window to the colorful goodies that will be layered inside. Reach for fresh herbs and sprigs of mint leaves to contrast the colors, textures, and flavors of fruit, and consider sprinkling flakes of coconut and ground-up pieces of toasted nuts and sesame seeds into the assembly. Roll up these pieces just as you would a light and fresh spring roll made with vegetables and be on your way to biting into a juicy burst of goodness in no time.

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rice paper roll assemblies
rice paper roll assemblies - Golfcuk/Getty Images

Consider presenting these pretty rolled-up pieces at your next dinner party and assemble trays for guests to mix and match flavors with dips and other accouterments. Stack whole blueberries in a row or create unique patterns with slices of strawberries and mangos inside of the rice paper roll-ups. If you can find dragonfruit, slices of these speckled fruits can add an interesting visual element when lined against pieces of kiwi fruit or pineapple cubes for a tropical treat that will have you yearning for an immediate vacation.

Once you've introduced different kinds of fruit to the rice paper rolls you make, you can add microgreens to the inside of your rolls before sealing the pieces closed. Edible flowers can also take the presentation of these simple creations to new heights. Garnish the outside of your fruit-enhanced spring rolls with dustings of powdered sugar or chia seeds before serving. With so many possible culinary combinations, this is an inventive dish you won't soon grow tired of.

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