Rishi Sunak scores own goal with football gaffe

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Rishi Sunak found the back of his own net with a footballing gaffe, wrongly looking forward to his team playing Manchester United this weekend when they are in fact facing Leicester City.

The Southampton FC fan’s fixture confusion came a day after it was pointed out his choice of McDonald’s breakfast was taken off the menu more than two years ago.

Having branded himself an “underdog” in the Tory leadership race, the former chancellor was asked at the Manchester hustings how as a Saints fan how he would get back to winning ways.

“I’m going to be unpopular for saying it here, starting by beating United this weekend,” he said.

Southampton, the city of Mr Sunak’s birth, are not due to play Manchester United until August 27.

The candidate, a self-described “massive football fan”, to become the next prime minister has previously said he would be a “very happy man” if he could run his club.