‘Riverdale’ star Ashleigh Murray reacts to her ‘true reflection’ in emotional TikTok: ‘Life-changing’

Riverdale‘s Ashleigh Murray saw her true self for the first time, and it was enlightening.

On New Year’s Eve, Murray found herself a participant in the True Mirror Experience. Unlike most mirrors, the True Mirror doesn’t reverse your image. This allows you to view yourself the way others see you in real-time.

“Your eyes, they communicate directly this way,” a man from the exhibit told her.

When Murray looked into the True Mirror, her eyes lit up, and she broke into a beaming, natural smile. But when she looked in the ordinary mirror, it was as though that light dimmed.

The moving video received over 3.1 million views on TikTok.

“This message is so important for little girls and young women. This could’ve been life changing early in my life,” a user said.

“I have watched this so many times, I swear she fell in love with herself and I love it,” another wrote.

“She finally feels how everyone else feels when they see her smile! So wonderful!” a TikToker replied.

Murray created a TikTok account to talk about her experience, and it sounded pretty heavy.

She said that, for the first time in her life, her only thought as she looked at her reflection was: You’re pretty. When she looked into the regular mirror, it forced her back into a place of picking herself apart.

“I think my brain was actively trying to fight remembering how I looked like,” Murray said. “Because I wasn’t having any negative thoughts about what I was seeing.”

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