'On the road of death': Palestinians flee bombardments in northern Gaza

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Two Palestinian families have documented their journey across the Gaza Strip. They were forced to evacuate and abandon their homes in the north of the enclave amid heavy shelling. Both Madhat Hajjaj and Adam Zyara shared their journeys in photos and videos as they brought their families to southern Gaza.

Since November 6, tens of thousands of Gazans have made the journey from north to south, their hands in the air and brandishing white flags. They head off, often on foot, down one of two main avenues that connect Gaza from north to south: Salah al-Din road and Al-Rashid road.

The FRANCE 24 Observers team followed the journey of two fathers who documented their journeys, luggage in hand and children in their arms.

"There are military tanks all along the road. Torn-up bodies, charred cars. We are at the end of the road of death", said Adam Zyara in a video he filmed and shared with us.

Madhat Hajjaj, a Gazan journalist, had been based at al-Shifa Hospital, the largest health complex in Gaza, since the war broke out on October 7. On November 9, he decided to reunite with his family and head south, first on foot and then by horse cart, due to a lack of fuel.

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The northern part of the enclave has been badly hit by daily bombing raids on hospitals and schools, where thousands of Palestinians who have lost their homes to the bombs are taking refuge.

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