Rob Gronkowski cuts WrestleMania promo in front of 'zero people'

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Rob Gronkowski wants you to know that he's hyped about hosting the two-night WrestleMania in early April even if he'll be doing it an empty studio.

Gronk made his "SmackDown Live" debut Friday night, with friend/WWE Superstar Mojo Rawley serving as his hype man/guide in the ring.

The former NFL star didn't have any fans to hype up, of course; the Fox telecast was being produced inside an empty Performance Center because of the coronavirus pandemic. There was no one around to cheer (or jeer) this entrance:

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Or this promo, which was . . . a thing that Gronk did.

"I'm here in front of zero people, AND I'M STILL HYPED, BABY!" he said in closing.

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Rawley jumped in and said that he'll be watching Gronk's back, because "the WWE, it's a little different than the NFL, my friend. We don't just get hit on the field here."

Don't need a degree in reading NFL defenses to surmise from Rawley's comment that Gronk may be doing some blocking and tackling in two weeks.

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