Rob Gronkowski spikes Lego bust of Steve Harvey to celebrate new year

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If you’re going to invite former New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski on your television program, expect him to start randomly spiking things. Gronkowski did just that while hosting Fox’s New Year’s Eve show, much to the chagrin of his co-host Steve Harvey.

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Rob Gronkowski had a good time during a New Year's Eve celebration. (Photo by Manny Carabel/FilmMagic)
Rob Gronkowski had a good time during a New Year's Eve celebration. (Photo by Manny Carabel/FilmMagic)
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As the celebration got more rowdy, the 30-year-old Gronkowski decided he needed to let out one good Gronk spike. When the time came, Gronkowski only had one thing near him: A Lego bust of Steve Harvey.

No, really.

Wearing an old-timey jersey and leather football helmet, Gronkowski grabbed the Lego bust of Harvey, did a brief touchdown dance and smashed it on the ground. Thousands of Lego pieces flew all over the place as Gronkowski flexed.

Harvey wasn’t pleased with Gronkowski’s antics. Right after it happened, Harvey says, “I don’t want to work with him no more. Why is he here? Why are you here? What is wrong with you?”

It’s tough to tell how much of the exchange is genuine. While we want to believe Gronkowski just randomly spikes things, we aren’t sure he would ruin something that took time and effort to make unless it was planned. Harvey tries to sell it with his reaction, but he likely would have been more upset if this was random.

And yet, we still laughed. Probably because Gronkowski’s little touchdown shuffle before he spikes the Steve Harvey head made us chuckle. You have to appreciate the showmanship behind it.

Gronkowski’s time in the NFL might be over, but this clip might have revealed his next career path. A show where Gronkowski goes around spiking weird objects while people look on in horror wouldn’t be the worst thing we’ve ever binge watched.


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