Robert Downey Reads His Own Worst Reviews in Hilarious Acceptance Speech at Critics Choice Awards: “Amusing as a Bed-Locked Fart”

Robert Downey Jr. won the Critics Choice Award for best supporting actor in a movie Sunday night and took the opportunity to read some of his harshest review from, well, critics.

The Oppenheimer star started his speech by noting that he was thinking about some of the reviews of his work earlier that day from the members of the Critics Choice Association.

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“I was thinking this morning, I love critics … You know, they’ve given me such beautiful feedback, really just so many great moments, and some of it is so poetic,” he said. “I just want to share some of their thoughts with you over the years.”

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He continued: “The first one is kind of like a Haiku: ‘Sloppy, messy and lazy.’ The next one is more metaphoric: ‘Like Pee-Wee Herman emerging from a coma.’ This was from a Brit: ‘A puzzling waste of talent.’ And lastly, and this one lingered: ‘Amusing as a bed-locked fart.'”

He went on to thank his “Oppenhomies,” those who worked alongside Downey on the movie.

“Every day of filming was like having my ego’s ass handed to me at the door, and I think it couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy,” he joked.

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