Robson-Kanu shares 'secret to his success' with Blues

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Back to help Blues - Thomas Hal Robson-Kanu is pleased to be sharing the ‘secret to his success’ with Southend United
Back to help Blues - Thomas Hal Robson-Kanu is pleased to be sharing the ‘secret to his success’ with Southend United

THOMAS Hal Robson-Kanu is pleased to be sharing the ‘secret to his success’ with Southend United.

Robson-Kanu started his senior career on loan with the Shrimpers before lining up in the Premier League and starring at Euro 2016 for Wales.

But the former striker was boosted by taking Turmeric throughout his playing days and that eventually led to him starting up his own business, The Turmeric Co, which will now be supplying products to Blues.

“I was using turmeric shots when I was on loan at Southend,” said Robson-Kanu.

“I was taking a week's batch after my dad would make them for me and I'd been doing that about a year before that too after the major surgery I'd had.

“It was my secret weapon throughout my whole career and it allowed me to recover quicker than my team-mates.

“I didn't get run down as easily so we realised it would be beneficial to people in all walks of life to boost their energy and immunity.

“It's one of nature's most powerful natural ingredients and we decided to bring it to market in 2018 to make it accessible to everyone.”

Since then Robson-Kanu has teamed up with Premier League clubs, Celtic, teams in the rugby Premiership as well as British Gymnastics.

But it is not just sports stars taking the products.

“There's a massive usage in professional sport but the majority of our customers are 35, 45 plus so it's been supporting a lot of people which is great,” said Robson-Kanu.

“It's a family run business and we've gone from strength to strength.

“We've now amassed more than 10,000 positive reviews of the product but we feel like we're just getting started.

“The proof is in the pudding and the more people who use it the more people are noticing a difference in their day to day health.”

Robson-Kanu certainly falls into that category but it was with the Shrimpers he first started to make a name for himself.

The now 33-year-old spent time on loan with the Shrimpers back in 2008 and 2009.

And he remembers his spells at Roots Hall with great fondness.

“It was a really good experience stepping out into the world of professional sport,” said Robson-Kanu.

“At the time Southend were in League One with some ambition and it was great.

“I think younger players now can miss out on playing men's football at an early age.

“I was able to do that at Southend and it was quite recently after I'd had some major injuries which I was still recovering from after having major surgery on my knee.”

In total, Robson-Kanu scored five goals in 23 games for Blues.

And he can still recall a number of memorable moments.

“I remember my first goal against Forest, I scored three in three shortly after arriving which was good and I remember lots about it really,” said Robson-Kanu.

“It definitely helped me in my career as it gives you that mental toughness.

“Youth football isn't always that competitive and when you get into the first team you realise what it means to win games and that people's jobs are at stake.”

After the Shrimpers, Robson-Kanu went on to enjoy a whole host of memorable moments.

And he remains rightfully proud of his career.

“When you're on loan at Southend in League One as a teenager you'll have ambitions of playing in the Premier League and to achieve that was massive for me,” he said.

“Scoring in the Premier League and having a few promotions under my belt was brilliant and so was playing at international level.

“That's the pinnacle of any career and for me it was incredible."

>Thomas Hal Robson-Kanu is founder of The Turmeric Co. which partners with professional sports teams, NGBs and elite athletes to enhance their recovery and holistic health with its naturally produced shots. More details here