The Rock Caught A Case Of The ‘F—k Its’ With His Diet This Weekend, But I’m LOLing Over The Fan Response

 The Rock in sunglasses returning to WWE Smackdown.
The Rock in sunglasses returning to WWE Smackdown.

Dwayne Johnson is our favorite wrestling star turned movie star. Not only had he made an iconic transition into movies, but recently went back to the WWE, and is so good it’s been causing problems for WrestleMania. Being able to come back to wrestling after years of retirement is no easy feat, but a lot of this can be credited to The Rock staying in insane shape with his workout and diet regimen. However, even the Rock is only human and decided to cheat a little bit in an Instagram post he shared. Not only am I obsessed with his mouth-watering cheat meal, but the comments are also absolutely hilarious.

The Rock sharing his cheat-meals is a time honored tradition on social media. When Johnson starts craving unhealthy snacks, he calls it getting a “case of the fuck-its,” which leads to him abandoning his strict athlete diet so he can enjoy the good stuff. Some of my favorite “fuck-it” meals of his include glorious midnight crumb cake, and of course his breakfast platter fuck-its that featured homemade biscuits. The Black Adam actor never does anything halfway, and that includes his cheat meals. This time around, he opted for cookies using Whittaker’s Peanut Butter chocolate bars. You can see his Instagram post below:

Not only do those cookies look absolutely to die for, but so are the comments. Many made a reference’s to one of The Rock’s famous wrestling catchphrases “Can you smell what The Rock is cooking?” After many years of this phrase being repeated in the ring, wrestling fans finally found out it was these delicious cookies, which is certainly not what they were expecting. One fan said commented:

I waited 25 years of my life to know what the rock is cooking… only for it to be a bunch of JABRONI COOKIES.

There were a number of variations of this exact sentiment, and every time it was hilarious.

  • @whittakersnz: We can smell what The Rock is cooking 👀

  • @thewolfofchicago: Well, we now know officially what The Rock is cooking. 😂

  • @lionelwilson352: If ya smellll what the rock is cooking 👏👏😂😂

I guess the mystery is over, and we finally know what The Rock is cooking, at least when he’s not in the ring. But history has shown that there is quite a bit that Johnson is cooking, and these cookies are just a part of the equation. I do hope he keeps sharing, because these meals look so good that I can almost smell them through the screen. The movie star once admitted that sometimes his cheat days can total up to 6,000-7,000 calories, so I wouldn’t be surprised if he had all these cookies in one sitting.

Of course, The Rock is able to have these epic cheat meals because of the insane physical shape he maintains outside of his “fuck it” days. The Moana actor posts workout videos constantly showing off how ripped he truly is, and in December he showed how The Rock keeps swole even around the holidays. His lifestyle truly is extreme, but this is what makes him so fun to watch. Whether its back in the wrestling ring or on the silver screen, it takes more than a case of the fuck-its to slow down Dwayne Johnson.

Fans can check out Dwayne Johnson’s return to wrestling now, as the action star’s WWE’s schedule just added more dates. You can also see him in his latest film, Black Adam, which is currently streaming now for Max subscribers. He also has a number of projects releasing later this year, so make sure to check out our feature on upcoming movies starring The Rock heading to streaming and cinemas very soon.