The Rock Sounds Downright ‘Presidential’ About ‘Baywatch’ Reviews

The Rock and the king of Twitter President Trump. (Photo: Getty Images)
The Rock and the king of Twitter President Trump. (Photo: Getty Images)

The Rock recently teased a presidential run — and now he’s sounding more presidential than ever … in his tweets. On May 25, Dwayne Johnson took to Twitter to comment on the abysmal reviews and ratings his new summer flick, Baywatch, was getting from critics.

“The new @baywatchmovie has now ticked up from 13% rotten to an 18% rotten tomato! Ya, I am still going to see it! @TheRock @ZacEfron,” one user wrote. The Rock was quick to reply. “Yay positive upticks,” he started with a laughing-so-hard-I’m-crying emoji. “Fans LOVE the movie. Critics HATE it. What a glaring disconnect. People just want to laugh & have fun.”

Also like the current commander in chief, the Rock took a stance that this was a movie for “the people,” while the critics were just out of touch. All you have to do is replace “critics” with “Washington” or “press” and Donald Trump could have written this one himself.

Replying to another user who said he loved the movie, the 45-year-old movie star wrote, “Thx my man and glad you loved the movie. It’s the consensus of the people. ‘Crushing it’ is my jam.” In other words, the people have spoken, and they love the film, which is produced in part by Johnson’s Seven Bucks Productions company.

The Rock echoed this sentiment in several other tweets, adding, “Oh boy, critics had their venom & knives ready. Fans LOVE the movie. Huge positive scores. Big disconnect w/ critics & people.” He finished the tweet with a Baywatch hashtag and a fire emoji.

Do some of those phrases sound familiar? Are we sensing a theme yet? The Rock is all about these “huge positive” scores. It’s almost like Trump wrote this tweet himself based on the word choice and tone alone. If this trend continues, soon the Rock will be using the term “bigly.”

But we probably shouldn’t be surprised by the Rock’s audience-first stance. He’s always been the People’s Champion.

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