Rohit Sharma looks forward to IPL players' involvement in WTC final

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The group stages of the 2023 edition of the IPL will end on 21 May. The WTC final is scheduled to start on 7 June. Test players from teams eliminated from the IPL play-off stage will be available for the WTC final. Players involved in the IPL play-offs will not travel to the United Kingdom. "I don't think it will be a huge problem but yeah, look I believe in preparation and preparations will be key for us come the finals," said Sharma, who will be with the Mumbai Indians for the 2023 IPL. "Around 21 May, there will be six teams who will possibly be out of IPL play-offs contention and so whichever players are available, we will try and find time to get them to the UK early as possible and get some time and we will monitor as much as possible." Test fast bowler Mohammed Shami will play for the Gujarat Titans in the IPL, batsman Virat Kohli will be with the Royal Challengers Bangalore and all-rounder Ravindra Jadeja will be in the Chennai Super Kings squad. "Look, I think it's quite critical for us, we're going to keep in constant touch with all players who are going to play that final and monitor their workload and see what's happening with them," added Sharma. "In fact we are sending some Dukes Balls to all fast bowlers and see if they get some time to bowl with that. "But again it all depends on individuals, guys who will be part of finals are not the guys who have not played in UK and may be one or two guys here and there and rest all of us have played in that part of the world."

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