Romelu Lukaku: ‘I have an anger inside of me - everyone forgot what I am capable of at Chelsea’

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Romelu Lukaku has vowed to prove the critics wrong after developing an “anger” inside of him ahead of his second debut with Inter Milan.

A loan spell back at the Serie A club, where he won the Scudetto just over 12 months ago, ended the Belgian’s subpar spell at Stamford Bridge following a much-heralded £97.5million return.

“The season at Chelsea gave me extra motivation to do even better than before,” he told DAZN.

“I think in one year everyone has forgotten about the things I am capable of doing on the pitch. That is a kind of anger that I have inside me.

“That now the [Inter] team has it too, which didn’t win last year, all together we hope to do better and bring something home.”

Lukaku believes “so many things” went wrong for him at Chelsea leading to him at one point wanting “revenge” on the Blues.

“I think before, when I left, I wanted to take revenge at Chelsea because when I was young it was my team for 11 years,” he reflected. “I had the opportunity to go back there and thought I would be a hero, but that wasn’t the case.

“In March, when I heard there was an opportunity to come back here, slowly I didn’t say anything, but toward the end of the season we did a very good job with the club and I was able to come back here.

“I make reflections only at the end of the season, so after the last game I put myself to think what my situation was. I saw that as a player with Inter I did well, the season at Chelsea for me was difficult. I had no doubts, that’s why I made the decision to come back here.”