Ronaldo is actually on 399 goals for Madrid rather than the reported 400 & here's the reason why

Sal Sayles

As reported by GMS, despite plundering yet another hat-trick and thus bringing his overall tally for Real Madrid to 400, it seems that Cristiano Ronaldo may actually be on the slightly less aesthetically-pleasing number of 399.


Following yet another match-winning performance in Madrid's ongoing Champions League campaign, Ronaldo thought his triple against bitter city rivals Atletico in Tuesday's semi-final first leg took him up to the magical 400...


...But as aforementioned, as it turns out, Cristiano may not have reached that ludicrous number just yet and is, in fact, sitting on the only slightly less impressive 399 due to a goal accredited to him back in September 2010 that doesn't actually belong to him.



During a 2-1 win over Real Sociedad, Ronaldo scored a free-kick which deflected off teammate Pepe; while the Portuguese defender was given the goal in an official capacity, the cheeky buggers at Madrid decided to give it to Cristiano.

Unfortunately for Ronaldo, 'official' trumps 'cheeky' almost every time, and that's certainly the case here. Still, Pepe had his club and international teammate's back, claiming the following:

"Regardless of what the official match report says, the goal belongs to Cristiano.'' 

Either way, it's fair to say it really is only a matter of time before Cristiano nets his 400th, most likely in his next game for Los Blancos.

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