Liga - Ronaldo taunts Messi and Barcelona

Cristiano Ronaldo has claimed he is a better player than Lionel Messi, and that Real Madrid are superior to Barcelona - but the Liga-winning forward had a glint in his eye when doing so.


Messi hit an incredible 50 Liga goals as Barca could only finish second this season, while Ronaldo ‘only’ scored 46 while his side won the title with a massive 100-point haul, nine clear of the Catalans.

The debate is often fierce and partisan as to which is the superior player, but in Ronaldo’s mind there is no contest.

"I am better than Messi, and Real are better than Barcelona," he told CNN. "But you can’t compare a Ferrari and a Porsche - they have different engines.

"Because of this you can’t compare us either."

Ronaldo was not being entirely serious but he qualified his statement by pointing to his season, when Real finally overturned Barca’s dominance of Spanish football.

He does fear a Barca revival though, admitting it would be a far tougher division next time out.

"This is the first time for me to win La Liga with Real, and obviously I am very happy.

"I think it will be difficult to equal such a big year like that because the Spanish league is very competitive and Barcelona, as everyone knows, will push us all the way again.

"We finished nine points clear of them, which is an amazing season, but it will be different next time."

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