Rosalía embraces the steamy bathroom trend with nude video

rosalía just shared a nude video as part of her new music video
Rosalía's topless spa video is pretty steamyGetty Images

Ok, did the temperature just go up a few notches? Because we're getting seriously hot under the collar after watching Rosalía's new music video, which features a rather steamy nude spa pool scene.

Rosalía's new music video for her single 'TUYA' dropped yesterday (it's a banger btw) and as part of the music video, a scene includes Rosalía singing to camera whilst nude in a Japanese sentō.

Rosalía shared a clip from the music video on her Instagram (8th June) to tease fans ahead of the release yesterday (9th June), captioning the clip simply: "TUYA TOMORROW".

See the clip below:

Ummmm, we're obsessed.

Yesterday, Rosalía shared a longer clip of the nude pool scene where she looked absolutely stunning with wet hair, singing to camera and swimming in the bath.

Fans were obsessed with the new video on her Instagram, with one person commenting: "Mother is mothering" whilst another said: "Woow🔥" and another said: "Fireeeeeeeeeeee the talent!" We couldn't agree more.

Elsewhere in the music video, which was filmed in Japan, Rosalía takes to the streets of Tokyo where she eats ramen and walks around with her very cute dog.

Rosalía's bath scene adds to the recent trend of celebrities sharing steamy content from their bathrooms, with Kendall Jenner sharing a stunning nude video of herself in a bathroom a few days ago.

And last week Rita Ora caused fans to have a meltdown when she posted seriously fire topless pictures from her sauna session on her Instagram account.

Seriously, could our Instagram feeds get any hotter?

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