Royal Family Fears a "Feeding Frenzy" Amid Comments Kate Middleton's Uncle Made on 'Big Brother'

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Royals Fear Feeding Frenzy With Kate’s Uncle on TVWPA Pool - Getty Images

Kate Middleton's controversial uncle Gary Goldsmith is on Celebrity Big Brother, and the royals are — as you might expect — worried over what he might say. And FYI, he's already said... some things.

According to the Mirror, it didn't take long for Kate's uncle to make comments on the show, even though it's been mere days. He specifically opened up about the conspiracies surrounding Kate's health, and said, "I think they should leave her alone right now because there's a reason why they're not talking about it, and they are giving her a little bit of space."

So, how do Kate and William feel about all of this? Not great!

kate middleton uncle big brother comments gary goldsmith
Kate Middleton’s uncle, Gary Goldsmith.Karwai Tang - Getty Images

"Gary’s a private citizen, and he can do what he likes, but he must have known that doing Big Brother right now would fuel the feeding frenzy. It’s inconsiderate to say the least," a friend of the couple recently told the Daily Beast. "Kate and William have had every excuse to dump Gary, but they never have. But if he says something embarrassing, or gives away any personal information, that will be the straw that breaks the camel’s back."

Another friend added that Kate's uncle, "couldn’t have picked a worse time. It’s blatant cashing in, and it is thoughtless. But since the queen died, it has been pretty much open season."

Meanwhile, Gary insisted on the show that he didn't need to ask permission from his family to be on it: "I don’t need to do that. Me being on the show has not been a topic for debate. I love my family. They can trust me that it’s all going to be OK."

Whelp. This should be interesting.

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