Rubbish Party wins election in Scotland

Rubbish victory (Sally Cogley)
Rubbish victory (Sally Cogley)

A Rubbish Party has won election in Scotland.

Sally Cogley beat Labour and the SNP to win a seat on East Ayrshire Council.

She had campaigned in the Irvine Valley on a platform which sought to tidy up the local area.

Most specifically, the Rubbish Party was campaigning to clamp down on litter, dog fouling, fly tipping and pollution.

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Ms Cogley has been organising clean-up events in the local area.

A one-woman party, Sally wrote on her website that she wanted to smarten up the area and was fed up with the litter.

Sally only set up her party in March (Facebook)
Sally only set up her party in March (Facebook)

“Are you frustrated with your decaying town centre? A town centre in which historic buildings are crumbling,” she wrote

“Local amenities such as the post office and store have been lost, as predicted, due to structural problems – with no contingency plan.

“Are you aware that £2.4m, yes,  £2,400,000  has been set aside for repairs to the historic Town Chambers since about 2010? But not a penny used. Meanwhile the building decays.

“Do you despair at the amount of litter, fly tipping, dog poo, cigarette ends and chewing gum that blight our roads, paths, parks, town centres and countryside?”

Sally only founded the party in March.

She received almost 800 votes to see off her big party rivals and also campaigned under the slogan “Sally for the Valley”.


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