Rugby League - Dureau in match-winning return

Scott Dureau produced a man-of-the-match performance as the Catalan Dragons opened the 2013 Magic Weekend with a win, before admitting he had spent some of the last nine months fearing for his life.

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Rugby League - Dureau in match-winning return

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Scott Dureau says it is 'great to be back amongst the team'

The Australian half-back, a Super League Dream Team member for the past two seasons, pulled the strings and collected 18 points as the Dragons saw off London 46-18 at the Etihad Stadium. It looked as though the 26-year-old had never been away, belying the fact that it was his first game since a visit to the doctors last September turned his life on its head.

Dureau went complaining of blurred vision, but it would emerge that the root of the problem was a tumour to the left of his brain. After that, rugby was the furthest thing from his mind as he underwent surgery. "I didn't really know what my future held at first; If I would survive the next week let alone play footy again," he said.

"It was a scary time but I'm here now, feeling good as it's been a pretty frustrating and scary five months. It's great to be back amongst the team."

Dureau has been in full training for two months and was given a final green light by his surgeon on Tuesday.

"The tumour was on the left side of my brain. The problem with my eye was that the tumour was pushing behind my eye which caused me a little bit of blurred vision," he added.

"When I came back (from surgery) I could only participate a little in training as it was difficult to see the ball and people coming, that was frustrating and nothing I could do to make it better."

Dureau will not be free of the doctors for at least 10 years as he is committed to regular check-ups, but with the knowledge that his life is not at risk, he could not be happier.

"At least for the next 10 years I will have scans, that's the way it is," he said.

"The doctors told me it won't kill me, they're confident they got it all and fingers crossed it won't come back."

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