Rugby League - Frayssinous disappointed despite victory

Catalan Dragons coach Laurent Frayssinous admitted his disappointment in his side's performance despite watching them come from behind to defeat Wakefield 29-22.

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The Yorkshire side had stunned their opponents by racing into a 16-0 lead in Perpignan but the Dragons pulled away in the second half to triumph 29-22 and while Frayssinous was frustrated with his team's inability to do the basics in the first half he was full of praise for their spirited comeback.

"We didn't play to the standard we expect of ourselves tonight, especially in the first 40 minutes," he said. "At half-time everybody looked at each other in the eyes and said 'that's the standard and we don't want to play at that standard any more'. In the second half we could see that the players wanted to improve themselves and the standard they played to."

He added: "Our team-spirit and team ethic won us the game tonight, not the execution, not the show and go and not running good lines because we were not there with those tonight.

"But the spirit was outstanding and won us the two points."

Wakefield coach Richard Agar revealed losing Andy Raleigh and Frankie Mariano to injury meant the team were stretched in the second half and was critical of some decisions that went against his side.

"Just after half-time we were left with two replacements on the bench after losing Andy Raleigh and Frankie Mariano and that really hurt us," he said. "I thought our energy levels were extremely low and if you add a 12-3 penalty count against us to that as well, then it is no surprise that we were dead on our feet at the end of the game."

"I'm usually disappointed if we were nine penalties worse than the opposition.

"I've seen a first half where a team has received two penalties for shoulder charges, yet I've seen three against my team that have gone unpunished.

"I just can't quite work it out. And it really came back to hurt us at the end of the game with our lack of energy and some of the decisions that went against us."

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