Rugby League - Players will have ball input

Super League ball suppliers Rhino have responded to widespread criticism by agreeing to work with the players to produce a new match ball for 2014.

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Rugby League - Players will have ball input

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Rhino will consult Super League players when developing their new ball for next season

Coaches have complained that the current ball becomes slippery in wet conditions and has been to blame for recent poor quality matches, including last Saturday's Challenge Cup final.

Now Rhino have agreed to work alongside 1eague3, the body representing Super League players, to test a new design over the coming weeks.

Rhino managing director Tony Colquitt said: "The players are the end consumers and we are delighted to be able to work alongside 1eague3."

Ernie Benbow, 1eagu3 chief executive, said: "Our partnership allows our members to test the balls, to give feedback on the design, grip and feel in passing and kicking to allow Rhino to make available the best possible match ball to all players to match the player expectations of performance."

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