Runner confronts pensioners leaving traps for cyclists

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Photo credit: Kenneth Taylor - Getty Images
Photo credit: Kenneth Taylor - Getty Images
  • A runner has said he confronted two pensioners who were laying a trap for cyclists.

  • Runner Alex Osborne saw the pair, believed to be in their sixties, in Linn Park in Glasgow on Monday 3 May.

Runner Alex Osborne told The Daily Record he initially believed there was an innocent reason for the pensioners to be carrying a large log, but after approaching them, they informed him they were laying a trap for cyclists in an attempt to stop them using the park.

Speaking to The Daily Record, Osborne said, 'I saw they were carrying this big log but I thought maybe they were taking it home to burn until I saw the man place it down.

'I went over and said that's going to cause a hazard for cyclists and he said "that's exactly what it's there for".

'I said that could cause serious damage and he replied "that's the intention, we want to stop cyclists coming in the park".'

Osborne then reported finding similar traps along his running route, which he moved to prevent any accidents.

Speaking to the newspaper, Chair of the Friends of Linn Park group, Dorothy Buchanan, said 'there is no excuse for the sort of behaviour which seeks to destroy another person’s happiness.'

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