"Just one of the lads": How this Dorset boxer found himself running with Tyson Fury

World heavyweight champion Tyson Fury with Dorset super-welterweight Lee Cutler at R1se Gym on Saturday
World heavyweight champion Tyson Fury with Dorset super-welterweight Lee Cutler at R1se Gym on Saturday

WHETHER it is a weekly Parkrun or just a trip round the block, thousands of runners across the nation get out for their Saturday morning run.

However this week, Dorset boxer Lee Cutler did not realise he was set to go stride-for-stride with one of the greatest fighters to ever step into the ring.

After being on stage fielding questions in front of a live audience at the Lighthouse in Poole on Friday night, unbeaten champion of the world Tyson Fury set out for a 10-kilometre run the next morning.

He was joined by the likes of Bournemouth’s own cruiserweight sensation, Chris Billam-Smith and businessmen Ty Temel, starting off at R1se Gym and running along the seafront.

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For super-welterweight Cutler, who himself is making his way in the pro ranks, it all came as a bit of a surprise.

He told the Daily Echo: “I messaged Chris when I left the event on Friday and said ‘are you training tomorrow?’.

“He called me and said he was going for a run, meet at R1se, as they do a run every Saturday morning.

“I turned up to do the run and Chris said ‘oh yeah, Tyson is coming as well’. It was a bit of a shock and pretty surreal.

“We walked round to meet Tyson, who was at the Hilton. We walked round the corner and he was there running up the road with his bodyguards!

“We got started and went on a 10k run and it was a real experience to run with Tyson, it’s just mad how famous he is.

“We went down to Bournemouth Pier and along the seafront, then came down and finished at R1se.

“It was just surreal. People were also on their runs trying to run with him and take photos and stuff.

“One guy was out, sat with a friend by the beach. He started running and filming him in jeans for two or three minutes, asking Tyson questions and stuff! It was quite funny.”

WBC champion Fury, who boasts a professional record of 32 wins and one controversial draw against Deontay Wilder, recently announced he was coming out of retirement and was hoping to fight Anthony Joshua in a monumental British showdown in December.

But for all his stardom, Cutler insisted the man nicknamed the Gypsy King was just “one of the lads” while jogging along the coast.

“We look up to him but because we are in the game, we know not to ask the questions everyone would and just treat him like one of us,” said the man nicknamed ‘Chaos’.

“I didn’t want to ask too much and be on his case!

“I do look up to him. I think he is probably one of the best heavyweights to ever do it, but he is so down to earth. If it was Anthony Joshua, I’d be more shocked if he was the one coming out for a run with us.

“It was just surreal and felt like he was one of the lads.

“I have made changes in my own life and my own mindset. I think with Tyson Fury, it was just his mindset.

“Just being with him and listening to some of the things he does – he believes it is 90 per cent in the mind, even more than that. That is the sort of stuff I took away from him to put in my own game.

“He followed me on social media afterwards, which was a bit surreal. I didn’t ask him to! He has got about 5.7million followers or whatever and he gave me a little follow, which was nice of him!

“It’s all good for the profile. I should have spoken to him about getting on the undercard if he fights AJ. You never know, I might have to drop him a little message and get on that show!”

Cutler, trained by long-time coach Kev Thorniley, sealed his 11th win as a professional when he beat Meshack Mwankemwa at the BIC in July.

Since then, the 26-year-old took a break to America, balancing his training with some sight-seeing in the States.

“We trained every day in New York in different gyms. Some nice guys let us come in and train for free because we were pros,” he explained.

“It was good to get out there. Through the day was just general sight-seeing because I had never been to New York and different places in America.

“It was good to get out there. I was still focused and I don’t drink anymore but it was a good experience.

“I am looking forward to what’s next.”

Cutler is hopeful of fighting once again in December.