Russell Westbrook doesn't care about Steph Curry's MVP prediction: 'Who's he?'

Steph Curry predicts James Harden will win MVP. Russell Westbrook doesn't care.

Russell Westbrook and James Harden are seen as two of the favorites to win the NBA's MVP award this season, and Stephen Curry recently gave the edge to the Rockets star.

“You kind of have to reward the better team, I would think, record-wise,” Curry said. “That’s just kind of going in the history of the MVP award. So, I think James (Harden) will probably edge(Westbrook) out just off of that.”

When asked Thursday about these comments, Westbrook didn't seem to care what Curry thought.

Obviously Westbrook knows who Curry is and his "who's he?" remark was more of a"who is he to say who should win MVP?" Curry's thoughts have no impact at all on the MVP race, so Westbrook isn't going to concern himself with whatever the Golden State guard says.

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