Russell Westbrook says his 'friendship' with the basketball is not a joke

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Russell Westbrook was named the 2016-17 NBA MVP.

NBA Awards Show 2017: Thunder's Russell Westbrook wins Most Valuable Player

Russell Westbrook was named the 2016-17 NBA MVP.

Russell Westbrook wants everyone to know that his friendship with the basketball is not a joke.

The Thunder starelaborated on his previous comments about the basketball being his only friend on the court, when speaking to reporters on Tuesday.

WARNING: Video contains profanity.

"I think y'all misunderstood what I was saying," said Westbrook while holding a basketball. "Y'all don't understand the importance of what I was saying. I think y'all think it's a joke or some s—. Thisis a serious thing. This [basketball]is something that is important. I think y'all think like 'oh you only have one friend, the basketball is your only friend.' Like all these guys are my brothers, my teammates are my brothers. You know, James is a friend of mine, there's other friends that I have in the league. But at the same time when I get on the floor, this is the most important thing for me and just how I'm able to do what I need to do, so it's actually not a joke."

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Westbrook first spoke about his friendship with the basketball, when he was asked about his friendship with James Harden ahead of Game 1 in the Thunder’s series against the Rockets.

"When I get on the floor, I got one friend, and that's the basketball," said Westbrook."I've been like that since I was a little kid. My dad told me that when I was younger, 'You got one friend and your friend is Spalding.' At the time maybe it was Wilson or some other s—. Whatever the ball is, that's who my friend is."

Look for Westbrook and his best friend Spalding to appear in Castaway 2.

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