Russia claims to have shot down a 'Storm Shadow' missile in Ukraine, supplied by the UK

Russia claimed on Monday that it intercepted a long-range Storm Shadow missile in Ukraine, just days after London announced the delivery of these weapons to Kyiv forces. The reports from the Russian Ministry of Defence are yet to be verified.

In the past 24 hours, "air defence systems have intercepted seven HARM anti-radar missiles, a long-range Storm Shadow cruise missile and 10 HIMARS multi-rocket launchers (projectiles)," the Russian Ministry of Defense said in a statement.

Ukraine makes key ground on the frontline

In Bakhmut, the longest and fiercest battle of the war in Ukraine rages on, and both sides’ casualties are reaching into the thousands.

Medical volunteers deployed to the area have begun evacuating wounded soldiers for urgent treatment, setting up converted buses into makeshift ambulances.

While Russia maintains control over most of the city, Ukraine is reportedly reclaiming some positions.

On Sunday, Kyiv said it captured "more than 10 enemy positions north and south of the Bakhmut suburbs", after claiming on Friday to have taken back two kilometres in the area.

The alleged setbacks for the Russian Army in Bakhmut are taking place against the backdrop of incessant rumours of an imminent Ukrainian counteroffensive.

Breakdown in relations between Wagner and the Russian army

Tensions between the leader of Russia's mercenary Wagner group and the Russian army are also mounting.

Reports are circulating that Wagner chief Yevgeny Prigozhin offered to betray the position of Russian troops to Kyiv.

First reported by the Washington Post, Prigozhin allegedly made the ‘extraordinary offer’ to Ukraine. His alleged proposal involved Kyiv withdrawing troops in Bakhmut, in exchange for information on Russian troops and its next moves.

Both the Kremlin and Prigozhin deny the reports.

Russian bombing continues in eastern Ukraine

Russian missiles continue to hit infrastructure and buildings in inhabited areas, including this educational centre in Kherson.

Elsewhere in eastern Ukraine, Russian missiles have hit a hospital, killing four people in the town of Avdiïvka.

In the occupied territories, the Russian-imposed interior minister in Luhansk has been injured in an apparent bomb attack.

"Among the wounded is the Interior Minister, Igor Kornet," said the Russian agency Interfax.

According to TASS, which cited police sources, Kornet "is seriously injured".