Russia Orders Arrest Of Producer Alexander Rodnyansky For Criticizing War In Ukraine

A Russian court has issued a warrant for the arrest of prominent international film producer Alexander Rodnyansky as well as theater director Ivan Vyrypaev for “spreading false information about the war” in Ukraine.

The court document states that it plans to arrest the two – both of whom live outside of Russia right now – once Russian authorities detain them or are able to get them extradited.

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Rodnyansky, who has long been known for working with Russia’s grassroot filmmakers such as Leviathan and Loveless helmer Andrey Zvyaginstev and Kira Kovalenko, who won Un Certain Regard in Cannes in 2021, spoke with Deadline today when he first learned of the news and said he is probably “not the first and definitely not the last” of people who will be targeted for standing up to the Russian regime.

“This is crazy – I’m just laughing about it,” said the Kyiv-born media mogul. “They have arrested me in absentia, which means that if they manage to arrest me physically then they will trial me with I guess up to 10 years of imprisonment.”

“But this is the intimidation of the society. They are trying to bring to trial all of the people who are speaking out in order for everyone to keep the silence. This is what Russia is trying to do – create all of these problems to make the society keep silent and they are trying to normalize the insanity of what is going on today.”

When asked if he was fearful of the news, Rodnyansky said, “You know, I wouldn’t complain. I’m outside of Russia and I’m trying to make Russians aware of what is going on in Ukraine. So, basically this is the fight for those Russian people who understand what is going on.”

Last year, one week after Russia invaded Ukraine, Rodnyansky fled his Moscow home of two decades with his wife and one suitcase after having gotten wind that he was rousing suspicion within Russia’s top government heads after speaking out about his opposition to the war.

He told Deadline earlier this year that he “no longer had any business with Russia” no longer owned his production company NonStop Productions. He continues to work through his AR Content banner.

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