Ryan Lochte Learns His Deceased Grandfather Has His Back on ‘Hollywood Medium’

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Twelve-time Olympic medalist Ryan Lochte was visited by Hollywood Medium With Tyler Henry. The former Olympian told Henry that he was a skeptic and that the medium would have his work cut out for him. But by the end of the reading, Lochte was a big believer.

During the reading, Henry received a message asking, “I feel like you could’ve had a grandfather, like, try to come through to you as you were swimming? And it’s coming across in a bit of a strange way, but it might have been like a monumental event?”

Lochte had in fact been at a monumental event that involved swimming. He competed in the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing. And he believed Henry was referring to the 200-meter backstroke finals.

Lochte told Henry, “I just remembered looking up in the ceiling, and being like, ‘If you’re up there —’ talking to my grandpa — ‘Um, help me out.'” Well, apparently Lochte’s prayers were answered.

The Olympian said he got a sudden burst of energy that enabled him to not only win gold but also set a new world record.

Lochte was glad Henry was able to connect him to his grandfather, saying, “He was my best friend growing up, and when he passed, I wasn’t able to say goodbye, and … so, now that I have that kind of closure, and I know that, like, no matter what, he’s … he’s passed away, but he’s still up there, like, still, like, watching over me, uh, on a daily basis. Like, that means everything.”

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