Ryan Seacrest Shaved His Legs for a Bachelor Party

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It seems that Ryan Seacrest doesn’t quite know how to celebrate a bachelor party. Seacrest said on Live With Kelly and Ryan that he shaved his legs for a weekend in Las Vegas. Explaining his reasoning, Seacrest described his legs as “bushily hairy.” Knowing that he was going to a pool party in the City of Sin he said, “I thought I would look younger if I did not have as much hair.”

So he decided to take the hair trimmer he normally uses for his head, removed the guard, and started shaving off his leg hair. Seacrest showed off his hairless and, to him, younger-looking legs to the audience.

So if men want to plan a Seacrest-approved bachelor party in Las Vegas, be sure to bring plenty of money and beer — and your shiny, hairless legs.

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