Sam Curran ‘raring to go’ in push for England T20 World Cup role

Will Macpherson
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A “refreshed and raring to go” Sam Curran hopes a three-month stint in India playing white-ball cricket will help him force his way into England’s side for this year’s T20 World Cup.

Curran played both Tests in Sri Lanka in January before heading home for his allotted period of rest. That was scheduled to last three matches, but it was extended to four after logistical issues meant he had to return to India on the charter with England’s white-ball players, who recently completed their quarantine period.

The five T20s and three ODIs begin on Friday, then Curran – along with 11 other members of England’s squad – will stay in India for an IPL that they believe will provide key preparation for the T20 World Cup this autumn.

“There’s been a lot of stuff spoken about rotation,” said Curran. “I think as a player, I’ve found it beneficial. The bubbles are tough from a player’s perspective, being away for long periods. Coming back after my break, I do really refreshed and raring to go for this white ball series.

“Various players have had breaks so I’m sure guys might say similar things. Everyone reacts to the bubbles in very different ways so that’s why I think the ECB have been good to us as players to allow us to get out and come back. It’s about keeping us mentally and physically fresh.”

Unlike at any point on their six-Test Asian tour, England have a full strength squad for this T20 series as they bid to become the first men’s side to hold the T20 and ODI World Cups concurrently. Curran believes playing in a “really strong side”, then for Chennai Super Kings in the IPL will provide the perfect preparation, and an opportunity to become a fixture in England’s team.

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"I’m really excited, obviously there’s a big section of white ball cricket coming up now,” he said. “I love playing the white ball formats and it’s about trying to put in performances, improve my game in all different conditions. It’s going to be a good period out here and a great time to learn, keep progressing my game.

“I definitely felt I came back a much better player from the IPL last year in Dubai. I did various roles and got challenged in different ways, which I really enjoyed. I think it’s benefitted my game.

“It’s a fantastic tournament, us players love playing in it, great crowds, India’s an amazing place to play cricket and it’s the best T20 comp around so it’s great to playing in it, especially with that T20 World Cup in India. It’s going to be great preparation and great for us to keep developing in these conditions. I’m really looking forward to it.

“You’re playing against such quality international players. There’s nothing better than game-time when you’re playing under pressure against quality players, big crowds for those pressure moments – trying to chase targets, trying to defend targets. It’s a great tournament if you love winning. That’s the way I play it and the IPL is a very competitive tournament.

“There’s definitely things I’ve learned in the IPL I am hopefully going to bring to the England set-up but then again I learn things in the England set up I can bring to the IPL.”

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Curran hopes, though, that he will not have to miss Test matches against New Zealand because of the IPL.

"Any time there's England games in the summer you do want to play in them," Curran said.

"You'll have to see how the IPL pans out. I guess if you miss the qualification then most likely you'll be available for those Tests. If you're in the final it might be a bit different.

"Every player wants to play in all three formats for England, that's my goal.”