San Diego's MLS team may be named 'Footy McFooty Face'

Earthquakes midfielder Matheus Silva, on loan to the USL team in Reno, was revived via CPR by bystanders on the beach at Lake Tahoe.

A group is working to get an MLS expansion team in San Diego, but first they have to come up with some of the details of the potential club. The group is leaving a lot of that stuff up to the fans, such as naming the team.

Earlier this week, the Facebook page released 50 names for fans to vote on and to no one's surprise, "Footy McFooty Face" is winning by a large amount in the early results.

As of this writing, the Facebook poll has "Footy McFooty Face" at over 1,000 votes and no other name has even 300.

If the name sounds vaguel familiar to you then you probably remember the timea British government agency allowed fans to vote on a name for its new boat and the internet delivered with "Boaty McBoatface."

While the fans have obviously spoken, there's a small chance they actually get what they want. All names must be approved by MLS, and something tells us they won't accept "Footy McFooty Face." They're much more likely to select the second-leading name, "San Diego Surf."

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