San Marino 0-10 England LIVE! World Cup qualifier result, match stream and latest updates today

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San Marino 0-10 England LIVE! World Cup qualifier result, match stream and latest updates today
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England scored ten goals in one game for the first time since 1964 and booked their place at next winter’s World Cup in the most resounding of fashions.

Harry Kane scored four goals to move level with Gary Lineker on 48 England goals while Harry Maguire, Emile Smith Rowe, Bukayo Saka (2), Tyrone Mings and Tammy Abraham also got on the scoresheet.

While, of course, the level of the opposition must be taken into account, the result means that Gareth Southgate’s team - who are often accused of playing conservatively - scored 15 goals in their last two games to sign off from 2021 in style.

Conor Gallagher was handed his England debut and it could well have been more given Jude Bellingham’s strike was rather harshly chalked off following a VAR intervention.

Smith Rowe, meanwhile, continued his excellent form this season by scoring on his first start and could be playing his way into Southgate’s thinking just at the right time.

Kane, who has attracted an awful lot of criticism for his performances at club level this season, could well be playing himself into form, too.

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Key Points

  • GOAL: San Marino 0-1 England

  • GOAL: San Marino 0-2 England

  • GOAL: San Marino 0-3 England

  • GOAL: San Marino 0-4 England

  • GOAL San Marino 0-5 England

  • GOAL: San Marino 0-6 England

  • GOAL: San Marino 0-7 England

  • GOAL San Marino 0-8 England

  • GOAL: San Marino 0-9 England

  • GOAL: San Marino 0-10 England

Emile Smith Rowe on his first England goal

03:00 , Jonathan Gorrie

Southgate on Qatar

23:00 , Jonathan Gorrie

Declan Rice’s post-match celebration

22:30 , Jonathan Gorrie

Full-time: San Marino 0-10 England

21:34 , Jonathan Gorrie

England qualify for the World Cup with a massive victory.

A hat-trick of sorts!

21:29 , Jonathan Gorrie

Positive Arsenal vibes

21:28 , Jonathan Gorrie

Watch: Bukayo Saka makes it TEN for England

21:27 , Jonathan Gorrie

The biggest win in a generation or two

21:26 , Jonathan Gorrie

GOAL: San Marino 0-10 England | Bukao Saka ‘79

21:22 , Jonathan Gorrie

79:00 - Excellent ball in from Alexander-Arnold and Saka heads in from close range.

Strangely enough, the England man hasn’t even played very well tonight!

James Robson from San Marino

21:21 , Jonathan Gorrie

‘You felt Abraham needed that. After that miss early in the half and then the booking for Bellingham’s disallowed goal, he would have been kicking himself if he hadn’t got on the score sheet.’

GOAL: San Marino 0-9 England | Tammy Abraham ‘78

21:21 , Jonathan Gorrie

Excellent work from Abraham, who cushions an Alexander-Arnold ball on his chest, flicks it up with his knee and then turns and finishes very well.

What a goal!

Watch: Tyrone Mings’ first goal for England

21:18 , Jonathan Gorrie

Lineker: Harry Kane ‘a better all-round footballer than me”

21:16 , Jonathan Gorrie

False alarm!

21:15 , Jonathan Gorrie

Goal ruled out after VAR spotted a foul from Abraham in the build-up.

Very harsh indeed.

GOAL: San Marino 0-9 England | Jude Bellingham ‘71

21:14 , Jonathan Gorrie

Brilliant strike from Bellingham from just outside the box.


GOAL: San Marino 0-8 England | Tyrone Mings ‘69

21:11 , Jonathan Gorrie

69:00 - Very good header in the box from Mings after an Alexander-Arnold free-kick.


21:10 , Jonathan Gorrie

67:00 Gallagher wins a penalty with Rossi sent off for a second yellow after standing on the Palace midfielder’s ankle.

Watch: Smith Rowe’s first goal for England

21:09 , Jonathan Gorrie

What Arsenal might have had

21:08 , Jonathan Gorrie

Kane off!

21:05 , Jonathan Gorrie

62:00 - No more goals for the England captain tonight as he’s taken off for Reece James.

What a night for him.

James Robson from San Marino

21:03 , Jonathan Gorrie

‘Smith Rowe just looks so comfortable no matter what the circumstances.

‘Ok this is San Marino, but it would be understandable if there were some nerves - not least because he spoke last week of the jitters he gets before matches. He is pure quality and the run and finish were outstanding, no matter what the opposition.’

GOAL: San Marino 0-7 England | Emil Smith Rowe ‘57

21:01 , Jonathan Gorrie

57:00 - Emile Smith Rowe scores on his first England start with a late run into the box Frank Lampard would be proud of.

Emphatic finish.

Dan Kilpatrick from San Marino

21:00 , Jonathan Gorrie

‘It would surely be a good thing for England if Kane breaks Rooney’s record before the World Cup. After tonight, he’ll have two friendlies in April and six Nations League games before Qatar, enough matches to go clear - particularly if he adds to his tally tonight.’


20:58 , Jonathan Gorrie

55:00 - Abraham puts too much on a dink over the ‘keeper.

Should really have finished from there.

What a year Harry Kane has had

20:56 , Jonathan Gorrie

Conor Gallagher feels the love

20:55 , Jonathan Gorrie


20:54 , Jonathan Gorrie

51:00 - Smith Rowe tries a very classy lob but there just isn’t enough on it.

Watch: Harry Kane’s fourth goal on the night

20:50 , Jonathan Gorrie

Back underway

20:48 , Jonathan Gorrie

46:00 - Back underway here!

England couldn’t add to their tally against Albania on Friday. Surely they will here?

Changes at half-time

20:47 , Jonathan Gorrie

Ben Chilwell, Conor Gallagher and Tammy Abraham come.

Foden, Maguire and Phillips off.

Gallagher’s England debut!

The four-goal gang

20:45 , Jonathan Gorrie

Kane closes in on the greatest names in English footballing history

20:44 , Jonathan Gorrie

Pictured: When Aaron Ramsdale was called into action

20:43 , Jonathan Gorrie

Gary Lineker’s message to Harry Kane

20:36 , Jonathan Gorrie

Half-time: San Marino 0-6 England

20:33 , Jonathan Gorrie

45:00 - Dominant from England who, while the opposition obviously aren’t of a high level, have been ruthless.

What a way to sign off from 2021!

James Robson from San Marino

20:31 , Jonathan Gorrie

‘Kane genuinely has an argument for Southgate to keep him on for the rest of the match. He could realistically overtake or equal Rooney’s record tonight.’

The strange difference in club and country for Kane this season

20:29 , Jonathan Gorrie

GOAL: San Marino 0-6 England | Harry Kane 42'

20:27 , Jonathan Gorrie


42:00 Very good finish from Harry Kane, who becomes the first England player since Ian Wright in 1993 to score four goals in a game.

James Robson from San Marino

20:24 , Jonathan Gorrie

‘This will of course raise questions as to whether the likes of San Marino should be competing at this stage. But England can only beat what is in front of them and the challenge for the rest of this game is not to let the momentum slip as it did on Friday.

‘A 5-0 half-time lead against Albania wasn’t extended after the break. Let’s see if they can better that tonight.’

GOAL: San Marino 0-5 England: Harry Kane ‘38

20:24 , Jonathan Gorrie


A hat-trick for the captain, who is now only six off Wayne Rooney’s record.


20:23 , Jonathan Gorrie

37:00 England get their second penalty after a handball in the box following a Kane header.

A closer look at Kane’s record-breaking penalty

20:19 , Jonathan Gorrie


20:18 , Jonathan Gorrie

32:00 - Ramsdale forced into a good save after a San Marino shot!

GOAL: San Marino 0-4 England | Harry Kane 30'

20:17 , Jonathan Gorrie

30:00 - Saka and Smith Rowe combine well and the latter Arsenal man plays the ball across to Kane in the box, who bundles home.

Foden in the quarter-back role

20:15 , Jonathan Gorrie

29:00 - Foden finds Saka with the kind of ball Xabi Alonso would have been proud of.

The Man City man adds so much from so many different areas.

More England records broken!

20:14 , Jonathan Gorrie

Kane closing in on Rooney

20:14 , Jonathan Gorrie

James Robson on Harry Kane

20:13 , Jonathan Gorrie

‘ It’s not like England needed any help, but that really was a gift - particularly for Kane. He’ll be thinking of another hat-trick tonight and that will push him ever closer to Rooney’s record.’

GOAL: San Marino 0-3 | Harry Kane 26'

20:11 , Jonathan Gorrie

26:00 - Harry Kane scores the penalty with a cool finish through the middle.


20:10 , Jonathan Gorrie

Yellow card for Rossi after handling Foden’s overhead attempt.


20:09 , Jonathan Gorrie

Could be a penalty for England here.


20:09 , Jonathan Gorrie

23:00 - Foden goes wide with an overhead kick. Almost spectatcular.

Kane not involved yet

20:08 , Jonathan Gorrie

22:00 - Kane hasn’t really had a sniff yet.

The England captain has given the ball away and in a good position and hasn’t had much luck in finding the runners of off him.

England in cruise control

20:03 , Jonathan Gorrie

18:00 - England keeping the tempo well.

It would be easy to relax somewhat but keeping the tempo going and moving the ball around quickly is a much better way of preparing for games to come.

GOAL: San Marino 0-2 England | Bukayo Saka 15'

20:01 , Jonathan Gorrie

15:00 - Saka scores (via a big deflection) from just outside the box after some good build-up play.

Watch: Harry Maguire’s goal

19:59 , Jonathan Gorrie

James Robson on Emile Smith Rowe

19:58 , Jonathan Gorrie

‘Smith Rowe is taking up some very good positions. San Marino are not tracking his runs at all. With the right quality of delivery England can really exploit that.’

Dan Kilpatrick from San Marino

19:56 , Jonathan Gorrie

‘That goal was far easier and far less significant than his header against Albania on Friday but Harry Maguire’s good international break continues. If Gareth Southgate was aiming to further boost the confident of his Harrys tonight, that’s a good start.’


19:56 , Jonathan Gorrie

10:00: Smith Rowe goes close with a header after a cross from Saka.

A real shame he couldn’t open his international account.

Maguire makes history

19:55 , Jonathan Gorrie

Foden’s delivery key

19:53 , Jonathan Gorrie

08:00 - Foden almost finds Bellingham from a corner, after setting up Maguire for the first goal.

The Man City man has certainly found his range early on.

GOAL: San Marino 0-1 England | Harry Maguire 5'

19:51 , Jonathan Gorrie


Harry Maguire heads in from a Phil Foden corner to score his second goal in two games

England looking to tire San Marino out

19:49 , Jonathan Gorrie

05:00 - England knocking the ball around nicely, seemingly looking to tire out San Marino.

The home team are pressing well but surely that will drop off.

All England

19:47 , Jonathan Gorrie

03:00 - As would have been expected, it’s all England.

The opposition are in for a long evening tonight.


19:45 , Jonathan Gorrie

0:00 - We’re underway in San Marino.

Very good omens ahead of tonight’s game

19:35 , Jonathan Gorrie

On this day 2018: Wayne Rooney plays his final game for England

19:20 , Jonathan Gorrie

Trent Alexander-Arnold on his best position

19:15 , Jonathan Gorrie

The Liverpool star was talking to ITV as part of their pre-match coverage.

“I don’t like to put limitations on myself. But as of right now, my focus is on training to nail down a right-back spot. It’s about finding the right system, the right tactic to make that happen.”

Declan Rice’s pre-match message

19:10 , Jonathan Gorrie

Dan Kilpatrick’s pre-match thoughts

19:07 , Jonathan Gorrie

James Robson on Harry Kane

19:00 , Jonathan Gorrie

“It has been uncomfortable to watch Kane at times over the past few months – even dating back to the Euros. Add in that failed move to Manchester City and it has been a miserable time for the Three Lions captain.

“But here he was with a spring in his step, a sharpness and a hunger that have been hard to find as his form deserted him.

“A first-half hat-trick saw him surpass Wayne Rooney’s record of 37 competitive goals for his country – and now with 44 in total, he is within nine of becoming England’s all-time leading scorer.

“It is an inevitability that he will take that crown from Rooney – and it was never in doubt, even during his struggles this term. But for the first time since he established himself at the point of England’s attack there were genuine questions as to how long he could maintain his undroppable status.

“Those questions can be put back on the shelf for now. And both Gareth Southgate and Antonio Conte will hope they are shelved for good.”

You can read James’ full post-match review of England’s win over Albania here.

Arsenal’s form players rewarded

18:39 , Jonathan Gorrie

Gareth Southgate on Conor Gallagher

18:30 , Jonathan Gorrie


18:20 , Jonathan Gorrie

The only question is how many goals England will score.

Hungary scored four against San Marino on Friday and the minnows have conceded 47 times in their 11 matches so far in 2021.

After scoring a hat-trick against Albania to draw level with Jimmy Greaves on 44 England goals, Harry Kane will be eyeing another hatful.

San Marino 0-7 England

England XI

18:18 , Jonathan Gorrie

Early team news: Gallagher and Smith-Rowe could be involved

18:10 , Jonathan Gorrie

Conor Gallagher has been rewarded for his fine form for Crystal Palace with his first England call-up.

The midfielder has been drafted in by Gareth Southgate after Jordan Henderson, Jack Grealish, Raheem Sterling, Mason Mount and Luke Shaw withdrew from the squad.

Henderson and Grealish have returned to Liverpool and Manchester City for further assessment on injuries.

Sterling will miss the game due to a personal matter.

Mount and Shaw will not join up with the squad. Mount will stay with Chelsea after having wisdom teeth out and Shaw is still recovering from concussion.

Emile Smith Rowe will be hoping for more action after making his England debut against Albania.

Where to watch tonight’s action

18:00 , Jonathan Gorrie

TV channel: The match will be televised on ITV, with coverage beginning at 7pm.

Live stream: Viewers in the UK will be able to watch the match online via the website or ITV Hub app.

You can also follow the action on Standard Sport with our LIVE match blog.


17:16 , Jonathan Gorrie

Welcome to Standard Sport’s LIVE coverage of England’s 2022 World Cup qualifier in San Marino tonight.

Kick-off is at 19:45pm GMT at the Stadio Olimpico di Serravalle.

The Harry Kane show

22:31 , Jonathan Gorrie

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